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Are There Occupational Licensure or Certification Requirements?


If you are enrolling in school to prepare for employment in an occupation that requires licensure or certification by a state or professional organization, you may not be able to get a job unless you attend an approved program. Contact the appropriate occupational licensure or certification organization and ask:

  • What are the testing, education and other requirements to achieve licensure or certification?
  • Can graduates from this school be considered for licensure or certification?
  • What percent of all candidates who apply for licensure or certification are able to qualify?
  • What percent of the graduates of this school who applied for licensure or certification have qualified?

See our Employment in Minnesota and College Accreditation consumer information page.

Check with Employers

If you are enrolling in school to prepare for a job in a particular occupation, you should contact potential employers and ask:

  • What knowledge, skills and abilities are needed?
  • Is there a specific degree or training expected for an entry-level position?
  • Is licensure, certification or a special test required before employment?
  • Do you contact certain institutions when recruiting new employees?
  • What do you think of this school?
  • Have you hired graduates from this school?
  • Were you satisfied with graduates you hired from this school?

If you plan to attend school to advance your career with your current employer, you should also ask:

  • Is this program a good choice for professional development?
  • Will tuition paid to this school qualify for employer-paid tuition reimbursement?

Contact the School's Placement or Career Counseling Office

Contact the placement or career counseling office if the school has one. Ask to see placement information on the most recent graduating class from the program you might attend. Ask for the names and addresses of employers who have hired recent graduates. Ask counselors:

  • How many students who started the program completed it?
  • How many students have graduated from the program in which you are interested?
  • How many of the graduates obtained employment in their field of study?
  • How long after graduation did it take for students to find jobs?
  • In what geographic locations were the students hired?
  • Is career counseling available?
  • What type of help is provided by the placement office when students look for work?