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Evaluating Your Campus Visit


When you visit a campus, it is important that you ask the right types of questions:

Look at Equipment and School Facilities

  • Are the facilities and equipment up-to-date and operating?
  • Is the equipment similar to what you will be using on the job?
  • Is the library good for studying and research?
  • How large or small are the dorm rooms? What types of furniture are provided/allowed?
  • Are the dorms quiet enough for studying?
  • What is the cafeteria like?
  • Are there plenty of computer labs?
  • Do students get free e-mail and Internet access?

Sit In on a Class or Two

  • Do the instructors seem knowledgeable?
  • Are the students participating in classroom activities?
  • What kinds of work are the students doing?
  • How large or small are the classes?

Talk with Current Students in the Program

  • How long have they been in school?
  • Are they learning what they need to know to get a job?
  • What is their opinion of the instructors? Are instructors available outside of class?
  • Do the instructors spend time with the students to be sure they understand the material?
  • How much time is needed for studying and other work outside class?
  • Have they had any problems with the school, the instructors or the classes?
  • What do they like most/least about the school or program?
  • How do they spend their free time?
  • What are the other students like?

Talk with Instructors in the Program

  • What are the academic requirements in the program?
  • What kinds of courses are offered? How often are they offered?
  • How many students are in the program? How many are accepted into the program each year?
  • How long does it take most students to complete the program?
  • How long have they taught at the school? Do they teach full time or part time?
  • What background do they have in the field? How does it relate to the courses they teach?
  • What types of activities are they involved in that relate to the field of study?

Talk with an Admissions Counselor

  • Has the institution and its programs been accredited by a recognized accrediting association?
  • What are the admissions requirements for college or for a specific program?
  • How do you apply and what forms do you fill out?
  • When are the important deadlines for admissions?
  • Will your family's ability to pay for college be a factor in the admissions process?
  • What are the housing requirements and parking rules?
  • What types of extracurricular activities are available?
  • Can credits be earned online or transferred from other colleges?
  • What percentage of first-year students return the following year?
  • What percentage of graduates are employed within one year?

Talk with a Financial Aid Counselor

  • How much does it cost to attend this college (including tuition, room and board, fees, etc.)?
  • What financial aid options are available?
  • Does the school participate in federal and state aid programs? (Not all schools are eligible.)
  • What percentage of undergraduates receive aid? How much do they receive on average?
  • Which financial aid forms do you need to fill out and what are the deadlines?
  • Does the college offer any financial aid of its own? If so, how do you apply?
  • Will private/non-government scholarships reduce the amount of need-based aid you receive?
  • How is financial aid paid out? When will you receive it??