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Dual Training Grant Request for Application


Grant applications are available each spring for approximately $2 Million in Dual Training Grant funds. If you are interested in applying for this grant, please plan accordingly for an upcoming grant round.

Application Steps

Step 1: Have or will have a dual-training program in at least one MN Dual-Training Pipeline occupation during the upcoming year. OHE highly encourages potential applicants to contact MN Dual-Training Pipeline staff for assistance in establishing, reviewing, and updating dual-training programs.
Step 2: Establish a partnership with one or more qualified related instruction training provider(s) through a competitive bidding process. Additional training providers cannot be added after the application deadline.
Step 3: Carefully read the Request for Application document.
Step 4: Complete the online application form summarizing the dual-training program.
Step 5: Complete all supporting application materials.
Step 6: Verify that all materials have been submitted by the deadline.

Application Timeline

The Dual Training Grant application period is CLOSED. A new application will open March 2nd, 2021 and close April 16th. The below documents are for reference only and will be updated when the new application is available. Please email with any grant application questions.

2020 Application Documents

Support Documents


More Information