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North Dakota


Who's Eligible for Tuition Reciprocity Benefits?

If you're a Minnesota resident (including eligible undocumented students), you're eligible for reciprocity if you attend any North Dakota public college or university. If you're a North Dakota resident, you're eligible if you attend any Minnesota public college or university. However, effective fall 2006, first-time enrollment in some professional programs may be limited or excluded, although some professional programs may still voluntarily offer lower tuition rates to students from a neighboring state outside of the formal reciprocity agreement. Students enrolled in programs that charge the same tuition rate to all students regardless of state of residence are not covered under any of the reciprocity agreements. Check with the college or university you plan to attend for information about tuition charges.

What Rate Do You Pay?

If you're an undergraduate student from Minnesota and attending a North Dakota public college or university, you'll pay tuition that is slightly higher than the North Dakota resident tuition rate.

If you're an undergraduate from North Dakota attending a Minnesota public college or university, you'll pay the Minnesota resident tuition rate.

For a complete listing of the price of attendance at all eligible Minnesota schools, as well as all reciprocity schools in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, visit our price chart.

Reciprocity Tuition Rates Are Reviewed Yearly

To determine the exact tuition rate, students should directly contact the school(s) they are interested in attending.