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Statutes, Rules & Policies


As an executive branch agency, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education's programs are created and funded by the Governor and the Minnesota Legislature.


The Office of Higher Education statutory authority is derived from Minnesota Statutes Chapter 136A.


Administrative rules are general statements adopted by the Office of Higher Education to make the programs it administers more specific. Administrative rules have the force and effect of law.

Rules used to administer the following programs:


2012-2014 OHE Affirmative Action Plan

Rulemaking Docket

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education engages in rulemaking when given legislative authority to do so. At times there may be multiple rulemaking projects occurring simultaneously or no rulemaking proceedings. The agency maintains an updated public rulemaking docket containing a list of each proposed rule currently under active consideration and each pending rulemaking proceeding.

Current rulemaking projects, if any, are listed below.