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Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership


Strengthening educational outcomes for all of Minnesota’s students

The Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership (MNP20) works toward ensuring a seamless system of education across the state, with the goal of maximizing success for all of Minnesota's learners from birth through adulthood.

MNP20 is comprised of member organizations, supported by an Executive Director, who work collaboratively to strengthen educational outcomes in Minnesota. This work includes developing legislative recommendations focused on educational strategy, policy, and funding, as well as working to further collaboration, coordination, and connection across state organizations, institutions, and agencies. MNP20 also serves as the umbrella organization responsible for the state's longitudinal data systems, SLEDS and ECLDS.

The Minnesota Legislature has set a target for 70 percent of Minnesota adults age 24 to 44 to have attained a postsecondary credential by 2025. MNP20 is focused on this target as a top priority, tackling efforts to strengthen educational quality and access for all age groups, while also working to specifically eliminate educational success gaps for historically marginalized populations across Minnesota. 

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Read our FY2023 Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership Annual Report.