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Mission and History



The Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership exists to create a seamless system of education in Minnesota that maximizes achievements of all students, from early childhood through postsecondary education and into the workforce. The partnership is charged with developing recommendations to the governor and the legislature designed to maximize the achievement of all P-20 students while promoting the efficient use of state financial and human resources, thereby helping the state realize the maximum value for its investment.


In 2009, legislation was enacted to formally create the Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership, which evolved from Minnesota’s former P-16 Education Council. MNP20 was created as a voluntary organization made up of statewide education groups, as well as representatives from government, business, and other private sector stakeholders.

The partnership is charged with issuing an annual report on its work and its recommendations to the legislature, and historical reports are archived through the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library.

Today the partnership is led by an executive committee comprised of leaders from Minnesota Department of Education, Minnesota Office of Higher Education, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and University of Minnesota. In addition the partnership includes members representing other education and education-aligned organizations, agencies, and institutions, as well as the state legislature. In 2023, and thanks to startup financial support from the Joyce Foundation, MNP20 hired its first executive director to move the partnership’s efforts further forward.