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Partnership Priorities


MNP20 is focused on a variety of evolving strategic initiatives to meet its mission.

Committees and Task Forces
Major priorities of the partnership are managed by committees and task forces, made up of MNP20 members and additional stakeholders. Committees are generally policy-focused initiatives taking place over the course of a year or more. Task forces are short term projects, often with a goal of studying a topic and recommending further steps or drafting documents for the full partnership's review.

Current committees are:

Current task forces are:

  • Mission, Vision, & Action Statement Task Force
  • Educator Workforce Task Force

Operational Priorities
MNP20 has set a number of operational priorities for 2024, to continue advancing our organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The executive committee and the executive director are working jointly on a number of initiatives, including: 

  • Reviewing and assessing membership to increase inclusivity and representation
  • Expanding connections and collaborations with organizations serving historically excluded and marginalized communities
  • Increasing collaboration with organizations that have been underrepresented in MNP20's work
  • Identifying tools and resources to systematically embed MNP20's equity principles across the partnership's work
  • Laying the groundwork for crafting a strategic plan in 2025
  • Enhancing MNP20 operations to strengthen organizational structure and effectiveness

Equity Principles
Since 2020, MNP20 has also prioritized a set of equity principles to apply across all areas of our work:

  • We commit to approaching our work from an equity, anti-racism, and unity lens.
  • We recognize that we cannot achieve our goals without directly addressing systemic racism, oppression, and economic and educational inequities within our spheres of influence and impact, and we are committed to doing so.
  • We will strive for educational equity (not equality), which means that we will meet learners and communities where they are and provide what they need to succeed and meet their goals.
  • We commit to actively engaging with data and those whom it represents, and to safeguarding that data to ensure its ethical use.
  • We commit to bringing the resources of our organizations to this work, leveraging resources across sectors and organizations.