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Minnesota Work Study


The state work study program is open to undergraduates, graduate, and vocational students. It provides part time on-or off-campus jobs to help students pay the cost of their higher education.

Some work study positions can be structured as internships that allow students to learn as they earn by working in jobs directly related to their field of study. Internships may take place in both the public and private sectors.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for work study, the student must be:

Priority is given to students enrolled for the equivalent of 12 or more credits.

How Is the Award Determined?

The work study award is set by the financial aid office. The actual amount depends on the student's financial need and the amount of money the school has available for the program. On average, students earn about $1,903 per year in State Work-Study jobs

What's the Application Process?

All Minnesota public post secondary institutions and most private colleges participate. They select graduate and undergraduate students and arrange the employment. Contact the financial aid administrator at the school you attend or plan to attend.