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Work Study


If you have questions about this program, please contact the staff member listed on this page via email. If a staff member is not listed, please email and provide a detailed description of your question.

Work study programs are jobs offered through the college financial aid office to help you earn money to pay for your education. The financial aid office will determine how many hours you are eligible to work according to your financial need and class load.

Common work-study jobs include tutoring other students, or working in the college cafeteria, technology center, fitness center, bookstore or library. Some jobs will be based on your skills or academic program. Your wage depends on the job and your qualifications, but most students average about 15 hours a week and may earn $3,000 or more per year.

Work study is not considered income on the FAFSA. If you don't qualify for work study, check with the school's financial aid administrator about other on-campus jobs, or consider off-campus jobs.