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Information for ITT Technical Institute Students


***This information is for Minnesota campuses only.***

ITT Technical Institute closed its doors Tuesday September 6, 2016. The office of Federal Student Aid at the US Department of Education has posted additional information on how former ITT students can continue education, apply for federal loan discharges, and retrieve records. There are informative webinars available for ITT Technical Institute Students. If you are a former student of ITT Technical Institute, more information is available here.

Our office proactively worked with the two local ITT Technical Institute campuses to obtain student records. If you are a former ITT Technical Institute student that attended in Eden Prairie or Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and wish to obtain an official copy of your transcript, please email us at Students that attended outside of Minnesota are advised to check ITT Technical Institute has contracted with Parchment to digitize and deliver transcripts to former students.

Former students have two main options:

  • Students can transfer their work at ITT Technical Institutes to another institution and complete their programs or comparable programs. The new school will evaluate your ITT course work and decide whether credit can be given for completed work and inform you what courses you will need to complete to finish your program of study. Our office is working with institutions across Minnesota to help develop articulation agreements and transfer pathways for students to continue their education at other Minnesota institutions. Our office will post more information as information is obtained. To assist in transfer of credit to a new institution, our office has obtained course syllabi and the ITT Technical Institutes Catalog.
  • Students can apply for a Federal Student Aid closed school loan discharge. More information about the process and eligibility.

For students who have been affected by the recent closure of ITT Technical Institutes and the verdict against Minnesota School of Business and Globe University, please note:

Please be aware that neither the Office of Federal Student Aid at the US Department of Education nor the Minnesota Office of Higher Education is making outgoing calls regarding tuition recovery, federal loan discharges, or private loan discharges. If you receive a call from someone claiming they are from our office or the Office of Federal Student Aid, or claiming they can help you with filing paperwork for loan discharge or tuition recovery, please do not provide your personal information or make a payment for services. The services that are available to affected students are available at no cost.

The State of Minnesota does not have tuition recovery fund.

You may qualify for a Federal student loan discharge if you were considered a current student of ITT Technical Institutes or were directly affected by the verdict against Minnesota School of Business and Globe University. See more information with regards to Federal student loan discharge here:

Information on possible schools you may transfer to is available at the College Search Tool or the Minnesota Office of Higher Education's College Search function.

Also, Minnesota State Colleges & Universities has set up a page for students affected by the recent closings.

Our office will post more information as information becomes available.

Announcement for Financial Aid Administrators

The Office of Federal Student Aid has released guidance on IFAP for schools about how to process aid for students transferring from a closed school.

Updates for financial aid administrators will be available here:

Additionally, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators has posted information for colleges and counselors regarding supporting former ITT Technical Institutes students.

The Office of Federal Student Aid has posted information on how to determine what constitutes a comparable program of study for purposes of a closed-school discharge.

New information has been posted on the closed-school landing page regarding the definition of comparable programs, including a Q and A.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Closure of ITT Technical Institutes.

Dept. Of Education Offers Online Service For Students Stranded By ITT Shutdown

Advisors are available to discuss closed school federal student loan discharges and transfer pathways to other institutions at Next Steps EDU. This service is being offered by the US Department of Education, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, and Beyond 12. Additionally, if you wish to contact the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to discuss your personal situation and options for your educational future, please call us at (651) 642-0567.

ITT Students Who Have Received a Loan Refund Check

For students who had a Federal credit balance on their student account statement upon the closure of ITT Technical Institutes, you may have received a check from ITT for that unpaid loan balance. Since ITT Technical Institutes has filed for bankruptcy and all assets have been ceased, those checks will not be honored by your bank.

Federal Loan Servicing will discharge that amount in a student loan discharge. More information and the application for the loan discharge.