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Aspiring Teachers of Color Scholarship Pilot Program


Program Overview

The Aspiring Teachers of Color Scholarship has received a one time appropriation for 2024-2025.  The application process and  priority deadline are currently being determined.

Minnesota Aspiring Teachers of Color Scholarship Pilot Program provides postsecondary financial assistance to eligible undergraduate and graduate students who are preparing to become teachers, have demonstrated financial need, and belongs to a racial or ethnic groups underrepresented in the state’s teacher workforce.

Program Contacts

Documents and Resources


2023-2024 Applications

For 2023-2024, schools must complete two steps for each student application. 

Step 1: 2023-2024 (PREFERRED) ONLINE: Aspiring Students of Color Scholarship School Section 

Step 2: 2023-2024 (PREFERRED) ONLINE: Budget PDF for School Section 

2023-2024 Aspiring Teachers of Color School Section (paper version) - Available upon request.

2022-2023 Applications