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Minnesota State Work Study Program

Minnesota State Work Study Program


The State Work Study Program is designed to assist students in meeting their financial need, to provide students with valuable work experiences, and to provide non-profit service agencies, handicapped persons, and persons over 65 with low cost student assistance.

Program Overview

Funds are allocated based on the school's total Minnesota resident full year equivalent (FYE) enrollment and the school's use of prior year funds. The institution awards the funds based on financial need. Using the federal need analysis, need is what remains after the Expected Family Contribution, Federal Pell Grant, and State Grant are subtracted from the institutional price of education. The other financial aid programs, including state work study, are awarded according to the institution's financial aid packaging philosophy. Students must be paid at least minimum wages. Institutions or employers may set wages above the minimum rate.

The financial aid office determines the award. In general, the aid administrator will take the campus budget minus the family contribution, Pell Grant, State Grant, and then divide the remainder between loan and work. The student can refuse to accept either the work or the loan. The aid administrator may increase the loan or work based on the student's request if funds are available.

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