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Postsecondary Child Care Grant Program

Program Description and Appropriations History


The Child Care Grant program provides financial assistance to students who have children 12 and under, are not receiving assistance under the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), and who demonstrate financial need for grants, to help pay for child care while pursuing a postsecondary education.

Program Overview

Funds are allocated to eligible postsecondary institutions based on the number of students who report children on the financial aid application. Eligible institutions include all public colleges and universities, private baccalaureate degree-granting institutions and non-profit vocational technical schools granting associate degrees.
Applicants must:

  • meet state residency requirements.
  • not be recipients of MFIP.
  • be enrolled 1-12 credits or more per term (undergraduates) or 1-6 credits or more per term (graduate/professional).
  • has not received child care grant funds for a period of ten semesters or the equivalent. Students who have withdrawn for active military service after December 31, 2002 are given an extra term of eligibility.
  • be making satisfactory progress.
  • not be receiving tuition reciprocity benefits from another state.
  • be pursuing a nonsectarian program or course of study that applies to an undergraduate or graduate degree, diploma or certificate.

The award is based upon the EFC of the applicant and the number of eligible children within the family who need child care, and the applicant's level of enrollment.

The maximum award amount is $6,500 per eligible child per academic year. The amount of the award cannot exceed 40 hours of child care per week per eligible child. The institution may increase the amount shown on the maximum award chart by 10 percent for infant care in certain counties.

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